Utility Pay Station

Why use in-branch Utility Payments?

FECCCU accepts payments for your Cloverland and City Water bills.  Simply bring in your bill and we can transfer the funds from your Savings or Checking account.   

Please allow up to 5 business days for mailing .  We are unable to accept utility payments after the due date.

Postal Stamps

Getting ready to mail out your monthly bills but notice you’re out of stamps?  Save yourself a trip to the post office and purchase a book of U.S. postage stamps from a Member Service Representative.  Stamps are sold in books of 20 at current U.S. rates with no processing fee.

GFL Environmental Garbage Tags

Don’t forget to get your garbage tags!  FECCCU sells garbage tags at current rates with no processing fee.

Additional Info

If you’re enrolled in Online Banking, utilize Bill Pay to schedule your utility payments and other bills online.